I Want to Be an Egg Donor. How Much Money Will I Make?

Wow…. That is not as easy to answer as you may think! The question really comes down to what clinics / agencies offer, versus what you actually receive… which comes down to “Will I be matched?”

Your Concern…

Agency “A” is offering me a $15,000 for a cycle; Agency “B” is offering me far less. Of course, I want to go with Agency “A.” Or, do I???

Another million-dollar question… let’s look at the big picture….

The recipients are paying for your cycle. Having run multiple patient focus groups, I truly understand what a “cross to bear” this is for many families.

I’ll be quite blunt here… donor fees are coming down as they should. I’ll lose quite a few candidates. But compensation should NEVER be based on ethnicity, education or physical features. Donors are compensated on their time and effort, which is the same if one is 5’7” and the other is Chinese,  5’5” and American .

Agencies and clinics, which increase compensation for donors based on physical traits, ethnicity or education are negatively affecting their recipients. Granted, there will always be recipients willing to pay top dollar. It’s just my strong belief that there is a happy medium between donor compensation and time / effort. Please think of the recipients.

With our Egg Donor Select program, we only accept donor candidates we know will qualify for initial screening, and once accepted will be provided a total compensation above $30,000. Our match rate is better than 60 percent in the first year – among the best in the industry!

Want more information or have questions? If you are interested in egg donation, we would LOVE to talk with you. Please apply here:


We specialize in these areas:

Seattle / Tacoma / Bellingham
Bay Area / Los Angeles / San Diego
Phoenix and Tucson
Salt Lake City
Las Vegas and Reno

However, we work in all markets throughout the U.S.

For more information,

Contact: Julie Rash at julie@eggdonorselect.com


About the Author:

Julie Rash owns and operates Egg Donor Select, Inc. Julie’s experience in the infertility industry dates back to 1989 with a pharmaceutical and biotechnology career at TAP Pharmaceuticals and EMD Serono.

As one of five Serono practice expansion consultants, Julie assisted fertility clinics to help improve patient relations, employee relations, operations and marketing outreach.

During this period, the inevitable happened…. Julie and her husband, Tom, learned they would need their own assistance to achieve their dream of having a family. It took some time, but with God’s blessing, came four beautiful “rugrats”…. our son, Freddie, and triplets – Sean, Maggie and Lucy.

The world of egg donation was introduced to Julie in 2003, and it was an “Aha!” moment. All of the paths taken before connected. God works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

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What a sperm donor has to go through for far less compensation. It’s not what you think.

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