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Epigenetics, Many Factors Determine Birth Characteristics

Will the donor conceived baby look like me?

I love and hate this question.

From recipients

“…. I want a blonde / blue donor, etc..”

Me:  Because of epigenetics, it doesn’t Matter!

Your Concern…

“As a donor, I’m concerned that “Mini Me” will be walking down the street….”

Please Google Epigenetics! Egg donation is IVF as a threesome.

We have three genetic profiles affecting the outcome of the donor-conceived offspring:

Recipient Mom – you play a HUGE role…. It’s your nutrition and “home” environment.

This does not mean  the donor you select is not important…. but probably for different reasons…

If I were selecting a donor… I would select my ethnicity or an acceptable combination. I would care less about hair and eye color, Your “environment” will greatly affect YOUR baby’s physical features.

Unless you plan on not telling your child about his or her origin, blood type is not an issue.

About the Author:

Julie Rash owns and operates Egg Donor Select, Inc. Julie’s experience in the infertility industry dates back to 1989 with a pharmaceutical and biotechnology career at TAP Pharmaceuticals and EMD Serono.

As one of five Serono practice expansion consultants, Julie assisted fertility clinics to help improve patient relations, employee relations, operations, and marketing outreach.

During this period, the inevitable happened…. Julie and her husband, Tom, learned they would need their own assistance to achieve their dream of having a family. It took some time, but with God’s blessing, came four beautiful “rugrats”…. our son, Freddie, and triplets – Sean, Maggie and Lucy.

The world of egg donation was introduced to Julie in 2003, and it was an “Aha!” moment. All of the paths taken before connected. God works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

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Fun Fact — Ask Me About…

I failed to identify the donor-conceived child in five out of five family photos…. Dang epigenetics!!

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